Financial Planning

Tomlinson-Graham Group understands that cultural plans and community arts center projects are only as strong as the numbers behind them.

TG2 provides detailed financial information to its clients – information that guides them in understanding construction costs, capital fund raising opportunities, operating budgets, and the need for annual funding and endowment.

For construction projects, TG2…

  • works with the client to determine exactly who, how, and how often the facility will be used
  • works with highly regarded cost consultants and contractors specializing in arts facilities
  • develops sophisticated and detailed pro forma budget, staffing, and operating plans
  • provides estimates of the total income stream and all the attendant expenses of running a facility or implementing a cultural plan

From this, the client has a clear understanding of likely construction costs or funding required to implement their cultural plan, and the expenses of on-going operations.

TG2, often working with its strategic fund raising counsel partner, NCDS, Inc., can assess the feasibility of raising

  • capital funds for construction
  • annual operating funds
  • endowment funds for long-term support

All of this seeks to make certain there are no surprises – that organizations understand what will be required to build and operate the arts facility envisioned for the community, or that plans for a vibrant and vital cultural life have the financial support to be successful now and in the future.